What I’m Reading

Just finished Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown.  Really fun read, especially for foodies and pirate lovers. I’ve got to confess though that reading this book definitely made me a bit jealous of Eli, a friend, who has written not just one, but two really thoughtful and beautiful pieces of fiction. It isn’t much of a secret that I’ve wanted to write a mystery novel of my own…the perfect post-Agatha Christie page turner. I’ve even started it a few times. But in the end I tend to use the time to read deeply when I can, indulging in fiction and books with a self-improvement bent, instead of writing.
Anyway, Cinnamon and Gunpowder. While I finished it on Sunday, I’ve since found myself thinking of Mad Hannah Mabbot and her chef, the timid and talented, Wedge. Like the best of characters, I want more time with them…only another couple hundred pages or so to savor their meals, uncover their secrets, and share their adventures. Like the best of meals, I’m hungry to have this one all over again.

One Response to What I’m Reading

  1. K says:

    You’re just making your baseline for the story, that’s all. I’d given myself 7 years post-undergrad to write a novel….. I keep telling myself that my story will just be more interesting whenever I get it written. 😉

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