When You Plan Your Meal Around Coconut Aminos

I started by looking around for a dessert recipe and ended up with an Asian inspired paleo and 21 DSD compliant feast. This happens when I cook sometimes. First I discovered the Zenbelly Pork Ginger Scallion Meatball recipe on the Paleo Parents blog. However, I didn’t have Coconut Aminos, so I picked some up at Whole Foods. I also got these cocoa nibs, though I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with them.

ImageI had an incredible jalapeno cabbage slaw recently which inspired me to pick up a Savoy Cabbage during the same shopping trip.  I didn’t have a particular plan, but I did think that a coleslaw would be an easy thing to add to packed lunches this week. This Martha Stewart recipe is the closest I’ve found to the light cabbage slaw with a little kick. Since I’m thinking 21 DSD, I’ve omitted the sugar altogether. I used the garden chives in the second picture, and saved the giant scallions for the Pork Meatballs. Over all the coconut aminos seem to work in the place of soy sauce, adding a salty umami flavor. It worked perfectly and turned out to be a nice asian-ish curry dish. The meatballs could even be made with chicken or ground beef if you aren’t a pork eater.

Asian Cabbage Slaw







I felt like the meal needed something else, so I roasted a spaghetti squash to add to a coconut milk curry. The recipe, from PaleOMG, also called for coconut aminos, so I was really doubling up on whatever protein stem cell goodness they offer. I let the curry and the squash cook together for a while as I wanted it to be less like a vegetable and more like a noodle…if that was possible.

ImageSo here is a picture of the final meal. But the Asian Cabbage Slaw that I was so excited about was missing! I totally forgot it, which is disappointing because I think it really would have made this picture a bit more interesting.

However, the whole thing was an awesome meal, even though the kitchen was pretty hot by the time I was done cooking. Best of all is that I think I’ll be eating the curry and slaw for most of the week in packed lunches.

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